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Presenting NZ Houses For Sale

Carefully presenting your house for sale is a powerful marketing tool that can make the difference between a quick sale and no sale at all, especially in New Zealand's more competitive real estate markets. Planning how to make the most of your property and making the effort before you put your house up for sale can really pay off, even if it means spending some money on a house you're not going to be staying in for long. The key to good presentation is making sure your home appeals to the maximum number of people within your target market and enabling prospective buyers to imagine living there.

Removing personal clutter and re-painting in neutral colours are two of the easiest tricks you can use to ensure the house will appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. But what else can you do to help make your property more saleable?

Make sure your rooms are properly defined for their intended use and incorporate the right furniture so prospective buyers can easily visualise how they will use each room. Think about who your target market is and ensure the house reflects how they will want to use it. If you've turned your dining room into a den for your teenagers, or you're using your only spare bedroom as an office, redefine the room's core purpose, otherwise buyers may feel that something is missing or the house doesn't present value for money.

If your furniture is looking out of date or you need to change the purpose of the room, consider renting furniture until the house has sold rather than splashing out on new items that might not be suited to your new home.

Making use of natural light is essential when presenting your house for sale. Adequate sunlight is a pre-requisite for many people buying a house so it's best to make the most of the freely available sunlight. If your house has dark corners, use lamps and up-lighters to add some brightness, and make sure the decor is pale and furniture fits the room – large pieces can make a room look smaller and darker than it actually is. If your house has low ceilings, painting the moulding and skirting boards the same colour as the walls can give the illusion of height.

Don't forget about the outside. Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. If your property looks scruffy from the street it will make it even harder to get people through the front door and all your time and effort will be wasted. Make sure your windows sparkle, the paintwork is in good condition, your garden is tidy and obstacles such as bins or bikes are tucked away from view. Consider parking your car elsewhere on viewing days so you do not obstruct the front of your property.

Sometimes it's easier to get a third party to inspect the house to see what needs to be fixed. For many of us we become blind to the small problems such as a torn curtain or a garden that is unkempt, but they may turn out to be the difference between prospective buyers taking interest in the property or deciding it's not right for them.

When it comes to viewings, many people swear by doing some home baking or brewing some coffee beforehand to give the house a homely feel. But don't be tempted to use these techniques to cover up problems such as a smelly blocked kitchen sink as most viewers will see right through this.

Whatever you decide to do when presenting your NZ house for sale, make sure that your property appears clean and welcoming, and appeals to your target audience.

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