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NZ Rural Property Advice

Moving to a Rural Property

Purchasing rural property in New Zealand is an increasingly popular choice among people looking to slow down and enjoy the tranquillity of a rural location rather than endure the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re considering a move to the country, we hope this advice will be helpful if you are new to rural life.

The term lifestyle block is given to a small rural property with the specific intention of being a hobby farmer/grower. These types of rural property are ideal for people making the move to a rural lifestyle without committing to a substantial amount of land and learning to run a large agricultural business.

Many Kiwis also discover a new side to New Zealand when they move to a rural location, as smaller communities tend to be friendlier and more inviting than bigger cities where you can live next to someone and never know their name. There will be fewer amenities in rural areas, such as shops and schools etc, so ensure you have the resources you need in the area and you can fend for yourself if you can only get to the supermarket once a month, for example. Living in a very remote area can be isolating, so if you're a very social person, consider moving somewhere closer to a township so you won’t feel completely cut off from society.

Running a Business from Your Rural Property

Purchasing a lifestyle block can be a hugely rewarding experience and can be a wonderful environment to raise a family. However, if you are hoping to start a rural business it can have a big impact on the demands of your time, so proper research will ensure you spend your time enjoying your new lifestyle rather than exchanging one set of stressors for another. You will need to find balance between what you want in terms of output from your lifestyle block and the time investment required.

For example, if you are looking to harvest a crop such as apples on a semi commercial basis, then a fair chunk of time and/or money will be required to reach that goal. However, if you simply want to grow some fresh produce to sell at a local market, this will take much less effort, and may be a great stepping-stone towards a larger rural business. You may also be restricted by what resources you have available on your rural property, such as land type, outbuildings, machinery, size of your yard etc.

If you wish to raise sheep or alpacas for wool, or livestock for dairy or meat, consider the additional expertise that will be required. Owning animals is a huge commitment and in addition to the knowledge required to raise livestock, you must be constantly available, (or employ someone who is available), to solve a range of issues such as animal birthing, broken fences, stock on the road, husbandry issues etc. The best solution is to consult a range of local professionals prior to making the decision on what stock you will raise. Talk to other farmers, veterinarians and friends or family that have had experience in farming animals before jumping in.

In many cases it is easier to purchase a working rural business rather than build one from scratch. In this case you will also be able to consult with the current owners about what they raised on the property and either follow suit or learn from their mistakes.

Whether you just want to live in the countryside, or you want to start a rural business, moving to a rural property in New Zealand can be hugely rewarding.

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