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New Zealand Property Advice

If you are planning on putting your New Zealand property up for sale or you have already sold your home and are getting ready to move, we have some handy advice and tips on moving to a new property.

Moving home can be both exciting and arduous at the same time. By planning and organising properly, you can ensure that moving properties is a great adventure and won't have you regretting putting your property up for sale. A major stress factor is moving household items from your old property to your new location. Hiring an experienced moving company can help reduce this stress, as many New Zealand removal companies will provide boxes and pack everything for you.

However, if you are going it alone, here are some handy tips for packing up and moving to a new property.

Plan ahead

Have a big clear-out before packing up your house. Getting rid of things you don't really need will save time and moving costs. Think about the available space in your new property and measure your larger furniture items to ensure they will fit in your new place and that you'll be able to get them through the door.

Ask for help 

Ask family and friends to help with the move but make sure you give them enough notice. Making sure you have people helping out at both properties can save you time and reduce the risk of problems occurring. Reward everyone with some beers at the end of the day and keep some snacks and drinks on supply throughout the moving day.

Get organised

Don't leave everything to the last day – packing in a hurry will increase the risk of damaging your furniture or breaking something that is precious to you. Adopting a systematic approach to labelling your household items will also make unpacking in your new property a lot easier. A lot of stress associated with moving house is due to not being able to locate certain items. Label boxes by room so you can put them in the right location and unpack the most important items first. Pack essential items like the kettle, toaster, sleepwear and toothbrushes etc in a separate box and take this in your car, or clearly label it "Essentials - Kitchen" and pack it last so it's the first thing to be unpacked.

Be patient and understanding

It's better to accept that things may not go completely to plan, and be pleasantly surprised if the day goes well. There is so much to plan and remember that there's always a chance something will be forgotten. Try to keep smiling and treat your helpers and family with kindness. If you start to feel stressed don't take it out on them. You don't want the move to your new property to start off without any arguments!

Don’t try to lift everything yourself

Avoid accidents and injuries by packing smart and ensuring you have the right equipment for moving your boxes. Don't be tempted to pack more into a box than can be lifted comfortably. If it's too heavy either get some help to lift it, use a trolley-cart or simply repack it into several boxes. On the other hand, under-filling boxes can cause objects to move around and get damaged, so add extra padding to stop items from moving around.

Give yourself plenty of time

The more time you allow yourself for the move the less stressed you will be if unexpected problems pop up, and the more pleasurable the moving experience will be for you and your family.

Moving house needn't be a stressful experience as long as you plan ahead. We hope you found this property advice useful. If you have some tips of your own, please get in touch.

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Handy New Zealand property advice for moving to a new house from NZ Realtors Network.

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